Tour Guide System

for museum, historic sites, tourist attractions, factories, command training , hearing aid and voice reinforcement


The eTour TG-300 wireless tour guide system is designed for guide to securely and wirelessly deliver crystal clear and intelligibility speech to visitors in a wide noisy surrounding. Multiple guided tour groups are able to function simultaneously with RF interference free. TG-300 is extremely compact only weights 49g which brings super comfort for visitors who wear the whole time during the tour.

TG-300 features a unique and stylish black/white finishing design, LCD display, easy to operate buttons and reliable analogy audio transmission technology. The built-in 1300mAh Lithium polymer battery provides more than 18 hours of operation time on a single charge. Connect standard MicroUSB qualify charger to the charging socket for fast and easy charge. The Receiver automatically shuts-off after 20mins of no signal detected to conserve energy.

TG-300 is sure an optimum solution for versatile tour guide application. Includes lapel microphone for the transmitter and single sided earphone for the receiver.