eTour Digital UHF Simultaneous Interpretation


The eTour ST single channel stationary transmitter is used to transmit reliable and optimal audio quality to eTour portable receiver. System provides superior transmission coverage and comprehensive solution with abundances of key features; suitable for mid-to-large scale of applications.

eTour ST series stationary transmitter handles multiple inputs (i.e. microphones and auxiliary devices) with adjustable settings. The OLED screen displays channel status, input volumes and rich details of operation parameter.

TG-200ST is compatible with TG-200 portable tour guide system. Ideal for flexible usage in the venues; completely fulfills group guide essential needs.

  • OLED high-resolution screen with easy control menu navigation
  • Two inputs accept a wide variety of audio sources with selectable Aux/Line signal level
  • Controllable AF / AF input balance
  • Assorted frequency ranges available
  • eTour String Process Technology for interference free channel coordination and assignments across multiple transmitters
  • Adjustable RF output power
  • Headphone monitors transmitting contents
  • Enhanced transmitting signal by utilizing the directional log antenna ANT-100WD