Digital UHF Tour Guide System

for museum, historic sites, tourist attractions, factories, command training , hearing aid and voice reinforcement


One-way system



Two-way system

Extremely compact and affordable

TG-100 One-way system

The stylish and colorful TG-100/101 features with multiple selectable channels, easy to read LCD display, user-friendly operation and USB rechargeable function.

LCD displays channel number, volume level, battery meter and other useful operational parameters. The easy to use
tour guide system is also very compact and light in weight which makes it comfortable to wear in the field.

Built-in 600mAh Lithium polymer battery provides more than 16hrs of continuous use per charge. A convenient charger solution is provided via the universal Micro-USB socket charging. Empty battery takes arpprox. 6 hours to fully charge. Optional 2/12/35/60/70-slots charging cases & station are available.

  • Easy to read LCD screen displays channel number, volumes, lock icon, battery meter and charging condition
  • Extremely compact and light weight – 34g
  • 16hr+ of long continuous run time
  • Eco + Energy saving – Receiver will power off automatically if no signal is received for 20 mins
  • Auto Synchronize receiver with transmitter channel number
  • Special made microphone accessories accept external multimedia and wireless transmit content to the receivers
  • Multi-color option – white, blue, green amber and black

Special features for TG-101 Two-way system

  • Crystal clear audio and instant two-way communications with negligible latency
  • Full duplex interactive communication which allows simultaneous transmission and reception
  • Increase participation – Receiver can make speech and feedback to the others