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System has power connected but power LED does not light up

  • Verify AC power; the LED lights up when power firmly connected
  • Check if system has been unplugged
  • Check circuit breaker
  • Call maintenance for assistance

System is turned"ON" but there is no sound

  • Verify system condition; if RED power Led appears, press power button to enter ON/Operational mode ( The LED turns Blue)
  • Turn"on"microphone/transmitter
  • Check for IR transmission, Signal presence
  • Check the LED in the sensor
  • If sensor LED is not lit
    • Sensor has been disconnected (unpluged or broken cable)
    • Power output to sensor has failed (Receiver/amplifier needs to be replaced)
  • Check speaker and speaker connection

Voice is distorted and/or signal dropout occurs

  • Check the charge on your batteries
  • Verify that the diodes on transmitter or sensor are not being covered
  • Obstruction between transmitter and sensor